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phenolic paper laminated sheet
phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet
Epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated sheet
Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet
Melamine glass cloth laminated sheet
Polyester glass fiber sheet
Silicone glass cloth laminated sheet,rod,tube
PTFE (Teflon) Plate
Mica Plate
Phenolic cotton cloth laminated rod
Epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated rod
Epoxy glass cloth laminated rod
Phenolic paper laminated tube
Phenolic cotton cloth laminated tube
Epoxy Phenolic glass cloth laminated tube
Epoxy glass cloth laminated tube
Insulation parts
Instant Boiling purification Water boiler
Beijing Found Mechanical & Electrical Co.,LTD.
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  Beijing Found Mechanical & Electrical Co., LTD develops and produces all kinds of electrical insulation materials(industry laminate sheet,industry laminate rod and industry laminate tube), insulation parts and Instant Boiling purification water boiler. The insulating materials are widely used in electrical, electronics, aerospace, medical, instrumentation and other fields.

  We sincerely hope to cooperate with friends from all over the world and provide with high quality products and satisfactory service.   

  Our main products:
  1 .Phenolic Paper Laminated Sheet (Phenolic Paper Sheet): HP2061 sheet,X sheet,XP sheet,XPC sheet,etc. and Phenolic .Paper Laminated rod, tube, and parts.
  2 .Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheet (Phenolic Cloth Sheet): Hgw2082 sheet, Hgw2082.5 sheet,Hgw2083 sheet,C sheet,CE sheet,L sheet,etc. and Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated rod, tube, and parts.
  3 .Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet (Epoxy sheet): G-10 sheet,FR-4 sheet,G-11 sheet, Hgw2372 sheet, Hgw2372.1 sheet,Hgw2372.4 sheet.etc. and Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated rod, tube, and parts.
  4 .GPO-3 Polyester Glass mat Laminated Sheet and parts.
  5 .Melamine Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet and parts.
  6 .Polyimide film and Polyimide film tape.
  7 .Nylon Plate, rod, tube and parts.
  8 .PTFE Plate, rod, tube and parts.
  9 .Mica Plate and mica tape.
  10 .Other insulation rod,insulation tube
  11 .Various insulation parts.
  12 .Instant Boiling purification Water boiler

ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate (Chinese)
ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate (English)
Verification of RoHS Compliance
CE Certificate for GL-RO Instant Boiling purification Water boiler

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